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The landscape of the global workforce is changing, favouring a shift toward the flexibility of contract workers and therefore making outsourced staffing an attractive option for organisations.

Outsourced staffing enables companies to meet productivity demands without the risk of hiring full-time employees and providing costly benefits.

Global’s primary focus is to source the right skill at the right time to enable our clients to upscale or downscale their workforce. The Global Outsourced Staffing Solutions service comprises four options: contingency/contract staffing; flexible staffing; temporary staffing; and project staffing.

Global’s expert Outsourced Staffing Solutions (OSS) service offers the timely supply of both large and small numbers of capable qualified professionals or personnel to complete short-term and long-term requirements of projects.

With our well-developed systems we enable to access the best abilities on present skills to match our client’s needs. Our High Performance Work System (HPWS) also ensures that the assignees capabilities proficiencies and work-related philosophies match those of our client’s organisation and are similarly aligned with their corporate culture.

Global has successfully recruited and managed large pools of outsourced staff on behalf of our clients, taking full accountability for the human resource management of their sites. Where volumes require, we place part-time or full-time staff on site to manage and integrate seamlessly with our clients’ recruitment requirements. Global can also offer additional training pre-employment where required.

Our onsite account managers are considered to be an extension of our clients’ human resource function. This service ensures a deepened understanding of our clients’ requirements and a hands-on approach to contract management and assignee performance and development. Furthermore having a vendor on site gives the staff, Global and the client a single point of contact, optimising communication between all parties involved.

The Global Outsourced Staffing Solutions Models

  • Contingency/Contract staffing: Where staff are employed on a contract basis for both long and short periods. Longer term periods can be indefinite.
  • Flexible Staffing: This model is designed for clients who may need to occasionally augment their staff complement during peak periods. An example could be a bank that may need to increase its staff complement during lunch hours, on pay days or during the festive season.
  • Project Staffing: Where staff is employed to enable an organisation to complete a project. Staffing is project linked.
  • Temporary Staffing: Staff is provided in those instances where our clients need to replace a member of staff away for a short period of time e.g. maternity leave, sick leave, study leave etc.

We are able to offer our clients contingent relief with a 4-hour turnaround time, for receptionist, personal assistants, data capturers etc. The professional and seamless management and delivery of our outsourced staffing model ensures that our clients experience minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Under the Outsource Staffing Solutions service Global also offers a Ready-to-Go solution which is designed to address the unique challenges of the optimised staffing model such as;

  • Attrition;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Breaks;
  • Adherence to schedule;
  • Shrinkage: training and coaching sessions; and
  • Ultimately optimising occupancy.


Pic Labour Permanent

Global understands that recruiting for permanent roles requires a different approach to recruiting contractors, so we’ve built a specialist division of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts.

Our Permanent Placement Solutions (PPS) source and offer our clients candidates who have the requisite skills and experience to enable their business goals. This is possible because we take time at the outset to make sure we understand our client’s business drivers as well as their culture and philosophy.

Finding the most appropriate candidate to match your business does not happen by accident, it requires analysis of an organisation’s business structure, talent acquisition, expertise and access to a reliable candidate database.
With world-class recruitment methodologies and tools to ensure top talent acquisition, Global operates throughout South Africa.

We source junior to executive candidates across all salary bands.

Global’s client-driven approach means we operate as an outsourced partner, providing a reliable and dedicated service that responds dynamically to your operation. To find our clients candidate with the suitable skills, we team extensive market knowledge with defined recruitment methods such as extensive research and selection tools, multiple pro-active resourcing techniques, advanced technology and assessment and profiling solutions.

Our Permanent Placement Solutions include:

  • Job profiling, sourcing and screening;
  • Historical interviews;
  • ompetency based interviews;
  • Job specific assessments;
  • Competency based references; and
  • Background verifications and culture match.


Pic Labour Cleaning

Our business cleaning services take care of all your commercial cleaning needs – whether it’s an office block, a commercial complex, or any other commercial building such as a bank or financial institution.

Within our business cleaning services, we offer a range of sub-services that cater to the specific rooms and surfaces found in a commercial building. For example, we clean all staff offices, as well as common rooms such as hallways, boardrooms, meeting rooms, staff lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas.

Using commercial cleaning services to keep these common areas clean limits the build-up of dirt and spread of germs through their constant use by many people.

As part of our business cleaning services, we also clean all windows in your business premises up to two metres high. For windows that are higher than this or in hard to reach places, we offer specialised window cleaning services.

Our business cleaning services cater for your specific needs

Not all commercial cleaning needs are the same. For this reason, we steer clear of the “one size fits all” approach in favour of a customised business cleaning service that fits in perfectly with your needs, your industry and your business’s particular characteristics.

Our commercial cleaning services suit businesses of any size – so whether you’re a small three-person office or a large, multi-building office park, we take the cleaning function out of your hands.

We use our own equipment for all business cleaning

With our business cleaning services, we supply all our own equipment, detergents and materials, so you don’t need to lift a finger to make sure your building is spotlessly clean.


Pic Labour IndustrialRelations

  • Establishing compliance with statutory labour relations requirements,
  • Providing contracts of employment, employment policies, and disciplinary codes,
  • Representing your company, by attending staff/union meetings regarding IR matters,
  • Providing all general correspondence and notices, e.g. desertion notices, notices to attend disciplinary enquiries, termination agreements and settlement agreements,
  • Industrial Relations training to line managers,
  • Dismissals relating to Retrenchment/Operational Requirement, Misconduct, and Incapacity pertaining to ill health or poor work performance,
  • Attending to matters pertaining to industrial action / strikes,
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries,
  • Conciliation/Arbitration meetings at the CCMA or the relevant Bargaining Council


Pic Labour Payroll

We offer the following services:

  • Processing of weekly, fortnightly or monthly wages and salary payrolls
  • Processing of confidential or electronic pay slips
  • Electronic payment of statutory payments : PAYE, UIF & SDL
  • Processing, reconciliation and submission of SARS Year End & EMP 501
  • Dedicated Payroll Consultants & Administrators
  • Package structuring
  • Payroll Processing & validations
  • Produce sealed or electronic Pay Slips
  • Management & Standard Payroll Reports
  • Reports for reconciliation of payments to statutory authorities
  • Statutory payments : PAYE , UIF and SDL via SARS E-Filing
  • Electronic payment of salaries
  • Submission of UIF reports
  • SARS PAYE Tax Year End via SARS E-Filing
  • IRP5 and IT3A documents
  • SARS EMP 201 via SARS E-Filing
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Updates from SARS, The Department of Labour, etc.
  • General Ledger Interface
  • 3rd Party Payments
  • Leave
  • Internet access
  • Loan Management